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Children/youth who grow up in poverty and neglect often don’t know their true value. You can let an Albanian youth know she is greatly valued by helping meet her needs and offering encouragement. Your donations and letters will communicate God’s love in a uniquely powerful way.

Your gift of $30 to $100 a month will go a long way in meeting the current needs of these youth, which include clothing, school expenses, vocational training and medical/health needs. Once there are enough sponsors for the youth, then they will each have a savings account that will accumulate funds for them to use as they transition into life outside of Eagle’s Wings.

Please read these short bios of youth currently in the Eagle’s Wings home. Then when you know which one you would like to sponsor, please fill out the form below and make your donation. If you have any questions, or want to get connected(to communicate) to one of the youth please contact us.


Teresa is the newest girls in home. She came from the main state orphanage in Tirana. She has been living there for three last years. Two month before her father died in prison. Her mother abandoned Teresa when her father went in jail. She married another men and after some months he divorced Teresa’s mother. She is living with another man now in a small city in south of Albania. When Teresa became 17 the orphanage communicated with her mother for the possibility to take Teresa from orphanage and her response was that ;she can not offer her nothing so she did not agreed to take her in her home. In the last summer we started the process of assessing her case so to take Teresa in our home. She came in our home in October after State Social Service gave their approval(formal commissioning)  to come in our home. She likes to work as hairdresser in Tirana and so to start a normal life. We are working with her to help to attend a course and to teach her life skills as well.

At the beginning it was difficult for her to be assimilated with our home/rules/and other girls but now after about three months she feels like in her home.

Please pray for her as she has started a new life with Christ after receiving Jesus as her savior and lord.


Sophie has just turned 18 and has completed the second year of the economic high school (equivalent of 11th grade in the USA). Coming from an impoverished and dysfunctional family, she was born out of wedlock and abandoned by her father, and so her mother sent her to the state run orphanage of the Saranda at a young age. During the 12 years she lived there, she had telephone contact and occasional visits with her mother, who spent several years in prison. Sophie has experienced much disappointment from her mother, as she made promises to take her home but never followed through; also, Sophie not accept her mother’s lifestyle.

Sophie is a loving and sensitive girl who wants to continue to study in school in order to break the chain of poverty and ignorance in her life. She is a girl full of life yet very fragile, and Eagle’s Wings is glad to work with her to support and equip her with the necessary skills for a successful life.



Fatma is 16 years old, and despite academic difficulties, she has not dropped out school. Coming from a Roma family with divorced parents, she and her three brothers grew up in an orphanage in Saranda. Her mother remarried and has two other children from the second marriage, while her father lives in another town and has had limited contact with his children. After 8 years of staying in the orphanage, she was no longer able to stay there. Because of the very poor state of her biological family, Eagle’s Wings offered her a better chance for her life.

Fatma is a smart and energetic girl; although she has experienced many adversities, she remains determined to work hard to improve her life. We are determined to help her succeed!



Nadia is 17 years old and has been living in a state run orphanage in Tirana for 13 years, where her sister and her older brother also grew up. Her alcoholic father and neglecting mom divorced, and she has had limited contact with them. She faced a crossroads, and her options to live a normal life were extremely limited. It was time for her to leave the orphanage, for they could not help her anymore; her mother has been homeless and often unemployed, so living with her was not an option. When the director of her orphanage told her about our home, she had hope for a better option and wanted to know more. After some meetings and after visiting our home, she decided to come to Eagle’s Wings. She has just finished her second year of high school (equivalent of 11th grade in the USA), and her greatest desire is to graduate and be prepared to live in an independent life after she turns 18 or older.

Six years ago, Nadia’s older sister lived in our first group home for a year, and she recommended her to our organization as an excellent opportunity to integrate into independent life. We are so glad that Nadia has joined our Eagle’s Wings family!

If you would like to become a sponsor, please complete the contact form below. After you click SEND, continue to the bottom of the page to choose from the payment options. Thank you.

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Sponsor a child

If you would prefer to send checks for your monthly sponsorship, please mail them to:

Eagle’s Wings foundation
3255 Starr route road
Oakley, Il

Once we receive your first donation, we will send you information about your child so you can learn more about her and pray for her. We’ll also inform you about how you can be in correspondence with her.

Thank you for your love and commitment to these youth!