The late Billy Graham said, “Nothing can bring a sense of security into the home except true love.’
As someone who has the privilege of being part of the Eagles Wings body, I see that these words are a living reality.There are many challenges involved in maintaining our Home, such as financial, which could  overshadow what we are trying to create – a sense of security for our girls. It is therefore to their credit that what comes across most strongly when looking at Eagles Wings is the love shown to our girls by Ilir and our members of staff.
As we know, the young women in our care have experienced little security in their earlier lives, so what they are being given now is far more than a roof over their heads. They are also given a sense of belonging, and out of belonging comes belief. Shared mealtimes give us an insight into a small community of togetherness, and the journey of trust and acceptance, no matter how broken their lives have been, encourages belonging.
Our hopes and prayers are that those in our care find belonging and belief in God’s eternal provision. We appreciate those of you who join us in those prayer for patience, endurance, and an undeniable sense of security in the hearts of our beneficiaries – and our wonderful staff too.Richard Welch ( EW Board Member)
Working at EW’s Home from the Consultant’s Point of View

Working with 4 teenagers is not always easy, but through working closer with the girls in our home the past few weeks, I’ve realized their great need for love, acceptance, and training. All of our girls have been under the care of Eagle’s Wings for more than a year, and the joy and pleasure we receive from their successes is unexplainable. As you look at how they are growing in the knowledge of God or the academic achievements that have been a challenge for them, or a successful job interview, this is the greatest reward for our work. That glitter in their eyes when they are eager to share their first success, their resistance to conform with their peers’ negative perspective on life, and having more respect for themselves in relation to boys – all of these things show that our prayers and work (and often our tears) have not been in vain.
We are encouraged when they introduce us to another person as “my mom,” when they share intimate secrets with us, and when they are willing to make a positive “compromise” in order to keep the relationships healthy and maintain a positive atmosphere in the family.
Our “daughters” feel like they are in a family, and the comfort and confidence they have established with the staff and each other is impressive. They advise and encourage one another with maturity and are aware that life outside of our home can be severe and difficult.
Of course there is always room for improvement, and we will not stop working with our girls as long as they are with us, but without any hesitation I would say that these four girls are so precious. Eagle’s Wings’ work with them has made such a difference not only in their lives, but also for their relatives and other stakeholders. Any sacrifice or investment for their lives is worth it.
                                          Consultant at EW

Marcia Bronson Board member(at right)
Pranvera Dhima Consultant (at left)
                                Me in a New Home since a year ago

“Where I would go and what will I do?” These were the questions I asked myself often while I was living at the state orphanage in Saranda, knowing that the time to leave orphanage was near. The moment came when I left the Saranda Children’s Home and came to live in Tirana in an organization called Eagle’s Wings.
When I came at EW’s home for the first days I was very bored; I had been living at Saranda orphanage for 12 years. Even so, I was glad to have found a place, a safe shelter for me to achieve my goals. One of my wishes was to go to school. Still, at the beginning I felt a sense of emptiness and discomfort, for there were many new rules which I did not even know how to follow, but the staff treated me with grace and patience. Although this house was not as I had imagined, I felt comfortable, especially since another girl from the orphanage, “Martha,” came with me; we have been friends since kindergarten.
As soon as I came here, I realized that it is a safe place; they help you prepare to live on your own with saved money, and you are capable to rent a house and know how to build and maintain relationships. Many times I did not feel good, and the staff gave me empathy and advice how to overcome depression and difficult moments.
I thank you from my heart that you are having been helping me to change, and I did so. One of biggest changes is related to knowing God and how to build a relationship with him. Going to church has helped my spiritual area to be changed. Getting to know new friends, believing that miracles exist, and that impossible things can become possible are all blessings for my life.
Thank you so much for having supported me at every step of my life! You’ve made my life more beautiful. You have patience with me even if I bother you.
I know this is just the beginning.
I love you very much and in my heart will always have a place for you.


Always we remember, Why we do what we do? Because of the issue:


Albania is primarily a source country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor, including the forced begging of children. Children were exploited for commercial sex, forced begging, and forced criminality, girls were also subjected to prostitution or forced labor after arranged marriage.

And because of the command in scripture: Give justice to the poor and the orphan, rescue the poor and helpless. Psalm 82:3-4.

Our mission continues. Thank you for joining us

Mission Statement

To provide a culturally sensitive, safe and nurturing home where at-risk youth can reach their potential spiritually, intellectually, physically and relationally.

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